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The Koovika Story


When Susana moved to be with her husband in the USA from the Philippines, she found that many of her staple beauty products from back home were unavailable. At first, Susana started shipping her favorite Filipino products to the US for her and her friends, but the couple soon realized they could bring her slice of home to the whole of the US.

Combining Susana's passion for beauty products with her husband's experience in the science behind skincare, Koovika was born in 2012.

Both Susana and her husband used to test and use products on themselves before deciding to make their own collection, perfecting formulas and sourcing the best possible ingredients for their customers.

The Koovika Mission


In Filipino culture, skincare isn't a novelty, it's a necessity. It's all about achieving a healthy, glowing complexion. Koovika products embody those key approaches, and with both an office in the Philippines and the US, they're able to open their doors to the rest of the world too.


The Koovika Approach


Although Koovika is changing and evolving, its approach is rooted in these key factors:

The Science of Skincare: Everything you'll find on the website is carefully crafted with scientific characteristics at its core. Innovation is key, and Koovika s is constantly striving to bring you the latest and the best products the beauty industry has to offer.


Beauty Comes From Within: How you feel on the inside, reflects how you feel on the outside too. Koovika focuses on ways to brighten the skin and improve its condition, as well as ways to put vital nutrients back into the complexion.


The Personal Touch: Flawless believes shopping for beauty products should be tailored to you, because everyone's skin is unique after all. Seek advice from knowledgeable staff who will guide you through every step of your skincare journey, and once you order, you'll get handy updates on expected deliveries or special pickup arrangements.

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